Transport modes

Waterbus services

Arriva is responsible for waterbus routes on canals and in harbours within Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands. In each of these countries, we are using the very latest technology to ensure our passengers always enjoy the highest standards of service.

  • Canal/harbour buses
  • Contracted services

Competitive local markets
In the Netherlands, where we run 12 waterbuses to the south of Amsterdam, around half of our routes are competitively tendered. In Italy our four waterbuses provide essential passenger services for customers in Trieste and in Denmark we operate three waterbuses in the capital, Copenhagen.

Long-term success
We are proud of our 100 per cent contract retention rate in Italy. Our contract for daily and seasonal waterbuses in Trieste was extended in 2011 to run until 2015. In partnership with the local authorities, we have also developed and introduced new technology to improve punctuality and passenger information.

Award-winning service
Arriva’s Danish waterbus operation recently received an infrastructure category diploma from The Organisation for the Enhancement of Copenhagen. The award was made for the way Arriva services link parts of Denmark’s capital city together to offer an alternative route for crossing the harbour. In 2013 Arriva re-won the tender for the Danish waterbus contract, which covers a further three years from 2014 with a possible three-year extension after that.

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GPS monitoring

Arriva waterbuses in Trieste, Italy are fitted with pioneering technology that provides real-time data for improving punctuality and passenger information.

Arriva waterbus services in figures:

  • Denmark – 3
  • Italy – 4
  • Netherlands – 12

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