Transport modes

Tram and light rail services

Arriva runs tram or light rail services in four countries across Europe. With an excellent record of customer satisfaction and innovative passenger services, we are leading the way as markets open up to competitive tendering.

  • Joint ventures
  • Contracts
  • Station management
  • Under/Overground
  • Maintenance

Success in Sweden
Sweden has a fully deregulated market and we launched our first tram operations there in 2007 when we won the Pågatåg light rail contract. In 2009 we won a second competitive contract to run tram services between Göteborg and Örebro.

We boosted our fleet of Swedish trams from two to 44 when we won the 12-year E20 contract - the country’s largest integrated multi-modal public transport tender to date serving the capital, Stockholm.

Elsewhere in Europe
Arriva runs 126 trams in Portugal and started operating the city of Porto’s tram contract, Metro do Porto, in 2010. We hold an additional interest in the Metro Sul do Tejo tram operation to the south of Lisbon. Arriva also operates six trams in Italy. All of which means Arriva is well placed to take advantage of future contracts as the market moves towards competitive tendering.

Citywide services
Arriva’s light rail services in the UK are based in the heart of the North East, serving some 40 million passengers every year. Our Tyne and Wear Metro consists of 60 stations on a network shared by national rail passenger and freight services. It became part of Arriva in 2011 and is owned and managed by Nexus, the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive. 55 Metro stations are Safer Tram Stop accredited, which recognises measures taken to reduce crime and create safe environments for customers.


The Tyne and Wear Metro was the UK’s first modern light rail service.

Arriva tram and light rail services in figures:

  • UK – 45
  • Italy – 6
  • Portugal – 126
  • Sweden –51

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