Transport modes

Ambulance services

We make up to 5,000 non-emergency patient journeys every day in the UK. Our specialist UK transport service, Arriva Transport Solutions, is helping public sector organisations across the country benefit from more efficient and cost-effective transport.

  • Non-emergency patient transport
  • Special educational needs transport
  • Social care transport

Working together
Arriva is a trusted partner to a number of public sector organisations in the UK. With 450 patient transport vehicles and 1,000 employees we provide non-emergency patient transport, special educational needs transport and social care transport.

We have amassed more than 30 years’ clinical services experience through our Ambuline operations and share the same priorities as our clients: namely efficiency, reliability, value for money and customer service.

Continual improvement
Arriva has invested over £13 million in new ambulances and cars, control centres and technology to improve the quality of patient transport. Our drivers undergo progressive training so they can provide a smoother ride for our patients, an approach that also helps us to deliver fuel savings and reduce CO2 emissions.

Efficiency in action
As well as meeting the needs of patients we also recognise the requirement for public sector resources to be invested wisely. That is why we bring innovative thinking and always explore new ways to achieve efficiencies without affecting service delivery. In the UK, for example, we have worked with the Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Trust to develop a new phased arrival plan for renal patients that has significantly reduced patient and staff waiting times.

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£13 million

Arriva’s investment in new ambulances and cars, control centre and technology.

Arriva PTS Charter

Our commitment to delivering quality standards, punctual services and safe, clean vehicles.

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