Our customers

Our passengers are at the heart of everything we do. From maintaining the highest possible safety standards and improving service reliability through to making transport simpler, we are proud of our record of customer satisfaction.

Enhancing customer service
Technology is at the forefront of service delivery at Arriva:

  • We are leading the way in m-ticketing, which allows customers to pay for their journeys by mobile phone, and at our UK bus operations it is believed to be the largest deployment of its kind in the world.
  • Arriva was the first train operator in the Netherlands to provide live travel information through satellite tracking, providing our passengers with the precise position of their train.
  • We were the first UK rail operator to offer e-ticketing across the whole of its network, meaning our customers can purchase and print their tickets with ease at home.
  • We were also the first to offer a free app for iPhone users, which provides instant access to live train times, platform numbers, connections and station directions.
  • We operate a range of social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter to connect directly with customers across our different businesses and in different countries.

Protecting our passengers
We want public transport to be a safe and pleasurable experience. That is why we work with local and transport police forces, local authorities and other stakeholders across Europe, to deter crime and anti-social behaviour.

Many of our vehicles and train stations across Europe have CCTV. In the Netherlands, for example, all our trains have CCTV and we were the first operator there to have the technology on all our buses. In Sweden, we have invested around €3.5 million in on-board CCTV technology for our E20 multi-modal transport tender. In the UK more than 88 per cent of our UK train fleet carries the technology and we are close to achieving 100 per cent coverage on our UK bus fleet.

Our track record
Research by the Danish National Audit Office found that Arriva Danmark’s rail operation has consistently improved performance to above 97 per cent, which has led to high customer satisfaction. In the Netherlands we are also recognised as a top performing operator.

Our London Overground joint venture rail business is an industry leader in the UK with more than 96 per cent of services operating on time. At Arriva UK Bus, overall customer satisfaction has consistently achieved a 90 per cent plus rating over the past 10 years. All of which demonstrates Arriva’s long-term commitment to its most important stakeholders – our customers.

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96 per cent

Grand Central’s overall customer satisfaction score in the UK’s independent National Rail Passenger Survey 2016.

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