Making transport simpler

While we are a large, international company, we are a local business wherever we work. We are close to our markets and this enables us to predict and respond quickly to change, including rising customer expectations. One way we do this is by making transport simpler for our customers.

Easier travel planning

We are setting the standards for quality and customer satisfaction in our markets, with many of our businesses proudly reporting record-breaking satisfaction levels. Much of this is thanks to the way we support our customers before and after they board our buses and trains.


  • Arriva UK Bus has an innovative fuel calculator app that encourages people to compare the cost of motoring and bus travel and see how much they could save on fuel costs by switching to the bus.
  • In the Czech Republic, we introduced GPS monitoring and SMS timetables in Arriva Moravia to ensure our passengers benefit from the latest service information online.
  • Our light rail service in the UK – Tyne and Wear Metro – provides real-time service announcements via an integrated social media, online and email tool that has never been used in the rail industry before.
  • Arriva’s UK bus operations were also the first to introduce social media to allow customers to provide feedback directly to our team so we can include their views in our service plans.

Easier ticketing

The application of innovative technology to the booking and purchasing of tickets is one of the reasons why we continue to see a rise in passenger numbers on Arriva services. In the UK, for example, our bus and rail businesses are leading the m-ticketing revolution.


  • Chiltern Railways’ award-winning m-ticketing made it possible for passengers to use their phones to buy, display and pass through station gates for the first time.
  • Our CrossCountry app, another UK rail industry first, enables people to check real-time running information, obtain fares and buy train tickets for the whole UK network via their mobile phone.
  • Arriva Portugal has worked with IT developer AMI-Transport Technologies and EDITMINHO research institute to develop and implement a new contactless ticketing system to make passenger journeys simpler.
  • At TST in Portugal and SADEM in Turin, Italy, we have successfully introduced contactless smartcard ticketing, which makes buying a ‘ticket’ and boarding buses simpler.
  • In Poland, Arriva has introduced integrated technology that provides faster and more flexible ticketing for customers, resulting in speedier purchasing at stations, fewer queues and reduced waiting times.

Easier access

Arriva is committed to hassle-free transport for all our passengers. Across Europe, we are introducing accessible services that improve journeys for people with mobility and visual requirements.


  • In Poland, Arriva has introduced four new trains in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region that offer improved comfort and disabled access as part of a €10 million investment programme.
  • During the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, our London Overground service helped more than 2,200 passengers with mobility and visual needs.
  • Our specialist UK transport service, ATSL, has invested £13 million in new ambulances and cars, control centres and technology to improve the quality of patient journeys.
  • At Arriva UK Bus more than 95 per cent of our vehicles are now low floor, making bus travel more accessible to more people, including wheelchair users and parents with young children.

Easier journeys

We constantly seek opportunities where we can improve vehicles and technology to make travelling with Arriva more than simply moving from A to B. Our aim is to make passenger journeys more comfortable and to improve the overall travelling experience.


  • As part of the ¾ Life Refurbishment programme, our UK Metrocars are being transformed with a smart new exterior livery and a spacious and light interior design.
  • In the Netherlands, more than 400 Arriva buses offer high-speed on-board WiFi access. Free to access, this service allows our customers to send and receive emails and make video calls during their bus journeys.
  • In London, UK, Chiltern Railways actively promotes its double deck bike racks installed at Marylebone Station to encourage more integrated travel and increase the number of people who cycle to the station.
  • In response to growing demand, Arriva UK Trains has introduced additional seating capacity at busy times between Chester and Manchester, Cardiff and Manchester and Cardiff and west Wales.

14 million

The number of journeys that have been made in the UK using Chiltern Railways’ award-winning m-ticketing technology.

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