Business development

Arriva is a company with strong ambitions and we aim to become a partner of choice everywhere that we operate. We do this by creating long-term value for transport authorities, building relationships with partners and delivering innovative solutions to serve our customers. We also look for opportunities to expand our business through acquisitions or joint ventures.

Identifying new opportunities
Arriva manages transport networks of all sizes so we already have the skills and expertise to contribute to infrastructure planning, service development and technology initiatives. Our experience covers everything from London’s iconic red buses to integrated transport solutions in Scandinavia. We are uniquely placed to offer this knowledge to private and public organisations as well as national, regional and local governments across Europe.

We only bid for contracts that we believe we can run well and where we can bring our success and experience from elsewhere to make a real difference. With our fresh approach to transport services we can offer transport authorities the excellent service standards, customer care and value for money they require. We value and invest in our people too so that we can bring innovative thinking and new ideas to every transport project.

Selecting Arriva
If you are looking for a partner, want your business to become part of a European network, or would like to tap into a wealth of transport expertise, Arriva is the ideal choice. We are the first port of call for authorities looking to liberalise transport services or needing an experienced operator for a new project. Business owners often approach Arriva first and continue to manage their business after it becomes part of our group. We are also called upon to advise on new projects, especially in the field of integrated transport solutions where we have built up unrivalled expertise.

If the way we do business interests you, contact our Business Development Team today.

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94 million

The number of passenger journeys we deliver via our multi-modal E20 contract with Storstockholm's Lokaltrafik in Sweden.

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