Working together

Arriva has a broad range of stakeholders, all with different interests and requirements. We like the challenge of responding to these diverse needs and work hard to exceed expectations as a trusted transport provider, partner and advisor.

Our customers
As a leading transport provider our job is to be obsessed with our customers. Continuing to meet their expectations is what keeps us striving to be better and we do this by setting the highest standards in providing:

  • A reliable service.
  • Safety and comfort.
  • An attractive alternative to the private car.

Contract-awarding authorities
We have a strong track record of meeting our contractual commitments. As a business focused on growth across Europe we continue to win and re-win tenders based on our consistently high quality service and value for money. In particular, by demonstrating to transport authorities:

  • The benefits of working with an experienced partner.
  • A willingness to share our expertise.
  • The competencies to improve services while maintaining high operational standards.
  • Value for money services that their communities rely upon.
  • Satisfaction for their customers - our customers.

Our employees
We are a major employer in most of the European markets we operate in and our people come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. We value our employees and the important role they play in our success. That is why we aim to provide them with:

  • Worthwhile long-term employment.
  • Ongoing training and development opportunities.
  • A safe, supportive and motivating work environment.
  • The opportunity to provide a valuable service to their local community.

Our business partners
Across Europe we work with local, regional and national authorities to provide new and improved services, particularly in markets in an early stage of the liberalisation process. Whether it is a stake in an existing business or a joint venture, we always aim to provide:

  • Trust and transparency.
  • Reliable operational support and professional local management teams.
  • Expertise in transport and process management.

See the types of the transport services we provide

65% growth

In the Netherlands we work with provincial governments and railway engineering companies to ensure we deliver the expected advance in service provision.

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