Operational excellence

Arriva’s scale and expertise allows us to utilise a range of transport solutions across our businesses, with different vehicles and services to suit local requirements. Our unrivalled European experience ranges from commercial and contracted bus and train services to vehicle maintenance and station management.

Marks of success
Our clients rely on us to provide excellent standards of service and deliver the highest levels of customer care; it is this that sets us apart from others. In the UK for example, at Arriva UK Bus our overall customer satisfaction rating has been 90 per cent or above for each of the last 10 years. In a recent independent National Rail Passenger Survey, our Grand Central service was the highest passenger-rated long distance train operator. Arriva also tops the table in customer satisfaction ratings in Copenhagen, Denmark, with 85 per cent of passengers satisfied with our services.

Our operating models
We span a wide range of operating environments, in locations with very different characteristics. As a multi-modal transport provider with contracts across mainland Europe, we have unrivalled experience of working to various business models, from commercial to gross cost contracts, including a range of fleet financing solutions.

Contracts vary in length and scale - from one to 15 years - and usually include up to 300 buses or 50 trains. However, not all countries in mainland Europe have contracted public transport systems. In some areas, for example Iberia, public transport is provided in the form of long concessions or on a commercial basis.

Legislation is paving the way for the liberalisation of much of the transport sector across Europe - opening up markets to competition through competitive tendering, adding value and helping to ease pressure on the public purse.

See examples of our operational excellence

With our clients, we share the same key drivers that ensure commercial success and operational excellence:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Value for money
  • Customer Service

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