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From rural bus services to running intercity trains, and from liaising with communities to negotiating with clients and suppliers, our employees help to deliver more than 2.2 billion passenger journeys every day.

Here you can view profiles of people from different parts of our business, where they tell us about themselves, and what working at Arriva means to them.

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Amanda Young

Bus driver
Arriva Buses Wales

Bus driver Amanda Young has 14 year's experience in the transport industry, and is particularly proud of her knowledge and experience on the road.

The skills that she has acquired equip her well for her role as a bus driver at Arriva Buses Wales Bangor depot in North Wales, where she has worked for more than three years.

On a typical day Amanda will liaise with her supervisors and fellow drivers, checking her vehicle before she leaves the depot on her route, and her return.

Amanda says that the most important aspect of her job is to ensure passengers are ‘carried from A to B safely’.

Amanda was previously an army tank transporter, operating military logistics vehicles to transport tanks and other heavy front line vehicles.

She values the training opportunities at Arriva, and has completed her Certificate of Personal Competence and an NVQ in Customer Services. Amanda is an active member of Arriva Buses Wales’ ‘Arriva Living’ health initiative which encourages staff to adopt healthy lifestyles.

“Every day is different, which is one of the main reasons I like my job”, she says. “I really enjoy meeting people and a lot of my passengers use the bus regularly, so you do get to know them.”

Amanda cites ‘bad road users’ as one of the main challenges of her job along with other road obstacles that can cause delays. “Forward planning helps make our journeys run to time and that’s better for our passengers”, she says.

Cidália Rebolo

Bus driver
Transportes sul do Tejo

Early starts are not a problem for bus driver Cidália Rebolo. Her daily shift begins at 5am, a time which she says fits perfectly with her lifestyle.

Cidália has worked for Arriva’s Transportes sul do Tejo in Portugal for 10 years. The company is a major operator of scheduled bus and coach services in the growing commuter region to the south of Lisbon. It also operates schools and commercial business contracts in the region.

A typical day for Cidália begins with a vehicle check, reporting any issues or addressing any questions to her supervisor. She then sets off on her regular route, starting with local commuter services during peak driving hours. At the end of her working day, she is back in plenty of time for dinner with her family.

Cidália takes up many of the training opportunities that are provided by Transportes sul do Tejo and she has also completed successfully the state’s nine-year basic education.

At work, she has attended courses including health and safety, and customer service. She is also trained in eco-driving, using the group’s Eco-Manager dashboard mounted device which encourages drivers to modify their driving style to help optimise fuel consumption, resulting in reduced emissions and a smoother journey for customers.

Cidália says that she enjoys her job: “I like driving, and I like meeting people every day – any new customers and my regular customers”. Her calm and friendly approach helps her to resolve any difficulties that may arise.

Cidália, whose husband and father-in-law have worked at Transportes sul do Tejo, joined the company after working as a quality product controller. She says: “If I started my career again I would choose to work here. This is a reliable and good company to work for and if you enjoy bus driving, you’d enjoy working here’.

Dave Lowes

Technical inspector
Arriva Trains Wales
Canton depot

Dave Lowes’ career at Arriva Trains Wales began as a train driver in 2005.

It followed 11 years at British Airways as a heavy maintenance technician on the Boeing 747 ‘Jumbo Jet’ fleet.

However, after driving trains for three years, he realised that he missed the engineering work so he applied, and won, the position of fleet technical inspector.

Reporting to the mechanical engineer, Dave works with colleagues in the technical office and the production team at the company’s Canton maintenance depot in Cardiff.

The depot handles maintenance and repair contract work for Arriva Trains Wales and other train operators and for rolling stock companies, bringing a wide variety of work to Dave and his colleagues.

Dave is responsible for the reliability of Arriva Trains Wales trains, monitoring engineering performance to establish whether modifications can help improve reliability. He also offers technical support on a wide range of engineering issues.

Dave attends a range of courses provided by Arriva to ensure that he is up to date with current issues and technical changes. He is also studying for a BEng degree in mechanical engineering, and longer term, he aims to gain chartered engineer status.

Dave says: “Every day is different. The first part of my day is normally scheduled with meetings. The outcomes of the meetings and what’s happening with the fleet tend to determine my work for that day.”

When technical problems appear insurmountable, Dave helps to identify solutions, using his experience, skills and working with colleagues. His train driving experience gives him an added level of understanding.

“Teamwork is so important here” says Dave. “By pooling our individual knowledge and experience we’re well equipped to find solutions to technical issues.”

Roy Perren

Bus/auto electrician
Arriva UK Bus

Roy joined Arriva as an electrical apprentice when he left school in 1998.

His apprenticeship lasted four years, during which time he learned many skills from both studying and from being taught by colleagues qualified in electrical work.

As part of his apprenticeship, Roy went to college to achieve his City and Guilds Level 3 and NVQ Level 3 in PSV Electrics.

Roy is the garage electrician at Clapton garage where he is responsible for all electrical work on a fleet of 100 buses.

He has undertaken a range of training courses including Health and Safety, and Vehicle Inspector, and has taken up opportunities for site visits, including to Ireland where he saw buses being built.

Roy has also participated in a mentors’ course to help him pass on his knowledge to apprentices, in the same way that he learned during his own apprenticeship.

Reporting to the assistant engineering manager, Roy works alongside engineers from a range of skilled areas, including coachmakers, mechanics, vehicle inspectors and storemen. Together they keep buses serviced, cleaned and repaired, ready for customer service.

A typical day at Clapton starts with ensuring vehicles are ready for the morning peak services, followed by servicing, MOTs and any general repairs that arise during the day.

Roy says: “The work really does vary so it keeps me on my toes and makes the job interesting. I like working for Arriva because I’m part of a very big organisation which means great facilities, good training opportunities and the ability to progress within the company.”

Steven Ottley

General manager - Dewsbury depot
Arriva Yorkshire

Steven Ottley started his transport career as a bus inspector in London back in 1988, before Arriva, then called Cowies, acquired contracts for some of the capital's bus services.

Since then, Steven has moved north to work for Arriva in Yorkshire. His first role was as operations manager of the company's Castleford depot.

He says: "That was a challenging time for me. I'd moved away from the area I'd known so well and I worked hard to show and give the team at Castleford my time and respect. In turn, I received the same from them, and that helped to move us forward."

Now Steven is General Manager at Arriva's Dewsbury bus depot and is keen to ensure that his team know, and understand, Arriva's business objectives. "Wherever I've worked in the company, there has always been the opportunity to voice my opinion and give my view, and that's important. If people know what our objectives are, they are better able to help us reach them. That's why I like to have a good working environment for people."

Steven has taken part in a number of training courses to help him in his career. From inspector training in London to specialist employment law and health and safety courses. And last year he passed his OCR Level 3 Certificate of Professional Competence in National Passenger Transport.

"I enjoy the opportunities you get here", he says. "The opportunity to learn is great for enhancing the knowledge I have for the business, while at the same time, I grow my skills and help other people develop theirs."

Amongst his greatest achievements to date, Steven counts his introduction of a training programme for all Arriva Yorkshire inspectors, and his contribution to the Dewsbury depot achieving Investors in People status.

Alcides Barros

Engineering executive
Southern Europe

Alcides Barros has seen his role at Arriva grow to cover three countries: Italy , Spain and his home country, Portugal .

He joined Arriva in 2001, when the group acquired businesses in Portugal . Now based in Guimarães, he works as an engineering executive – southern Europe , providing support on engineering and operational issues and supporting Arriva on business acquisitions.

“There are plenty of challenges and I deal with different people from different cultures at all levels across the group, which is great for my own development. I am constantly learning”, says Alcides.

He cites amongst his biggest challenges understanding what is relevant and important to the business, and how everything fits together.

He has considerable involvement in groupwide projects and initiatives which, Alcides says, helps him to better understand what makes the business work.

“Being involved in group initiatives is important to helping me understand how the Arriva group operates and I have a good understanding of our objectives and our strategy”, says Alcides.

“What I find exciting is the potential for development. The global reach of the company means that I can further my career even more.”

As to his achievements, Alcides is proud of the results he gets and the respect he has for, and receives from, colleagues. “It's great to be appreciated and for my contribution to be recognised”, says Alcides.

Zoltan Sustak

Engineering manager
Arriva Service, s.r.o.
Eurobus - Slovakia

Keeping up with the pace of change in technology is one of the biggest challenges for engineers, according to Zoltan Sustak.

As engineering manager, Zoltan is responsible for managing five depot managers and three workshop managers, along with a fleet of 600 buses in Slovakia. He says: “In recent years technological developments have moved at a crazy speed.”

Zoltan completed his engineering studies at university in 1987 in Brno, the Czech Republic. He worked in motor vehicle maintenance, joining the bus industry in 2002 as managing director of Bus-Service Slovakia.

Arriva’s Eurobus operations span Hungary and Slovakia. Regular contact with colleagues in Hungary has led to Zoltan’s Hungarian language skills developing rapidly.

Among his successes he counts managing the construction and opening of a brand new service and maintenance site and the smooth introduction of modern equipment to workshops.

Another challenge for Zoltan is managing people, he says: “You can only learn so much about managing people through education. You need to experience it.”

On a typical day, Zoltan supervises workshop operations, monitors repair costs trends, looks for way to improve working practices to maximise repair and maintenance work efficiency, and carries out safety audits.

“As engineers, our role is firstly to provide repair and maintenance services for vehicles across the Eurobus business” says Zoltan. “We must also use the latest technology to become more efficient while still being quality oriented – that’s my personal goal.

“Every day, our 600 buses transport thousands of passengers. Our workshops have a huge responsibility to ensure that buses are running safely and are available on time.”

Zoltan’s advice for the next generation of engineers is: “Set your goals and strive to achieve them. Pursue a career in this field only if you feel a call for engineering. Technical problems can take long hours to solve and you must be committed.”

Asked why he likes working for Arriva, he says: “I like my job. And I like working for Arriva because it’s a big international group where professional people can share their experience and develop together. Consequently if we develop, more opportunities arise.”

Marjorie Woods

Customer care supervisor
Arriva North West

Finding your way around Merseyside from Liverpool John Lennon Airport is easy! Arriva's Marjorie Woods is at hand at the airport to provide bus information to arriving airline passengers.

And non-English speakers are particularly well-catered for by Marjorie: she speaks Spanish and some French and Polish, and can even communicate using sign language.

Marjorie joined Arriva back in 1997 as a bus driver, working on routes in and around Merseyside. She was promoted to customer care supervisor in 2005.

"Working at an airport you meet so many different people with different nationalities", says Marjorie. "I've been learning languages for some time, and it helps to be able to welcome people and start conversations. I can even use sign language to help people with hearing difficulties find out what they want to know."

Marjorie grabbed the opportunity to learn languages when Arriva said it would fund lessons for employees. She has also qualified for her customer service training to NVQ level 3.

She says the best things about working for Arriva are "flexibility, new challenges and opportunities for promotion."

She adds: "I really do enjoy working with people and meeting with people. Since I've started this new role, I've become more confident, assertive and self assured."

Annemiek Aalders

Steward and customer service assistant
Arriva Trains
The Netherlands

Annemiek Aalders has worked for Arriva Trains in the Netherlands for three years.

Based at Leeuwarden train station in Friesland, Annemiek has two jobs: she is a train steward, and she works in the customer service office.

As a train steward, she is responsible for checking and selling tickets, and, as Annemiek herself says: ‘making sure all of our passengers have a pleasant journey’.

At customer services, she sells bus and train tickets, provides information about public transport and helps customers to plan their journeys.

She says: “What I especially like about working for Arriva is that I have the opportunity to work in different jobs – I’m learning new skills and using my talents in different parts of the business.”

Annemiek recently started working as a works counsel member for Arriva Trains. She regularly takes up training classes provided by Arriva to help her keep up with changes and improvements, and to ensure she can provide a high quality service to customers.

She says: “I meet a huge variety of people every day, from colleagues to daily travellers and tourists. The variety is, for me, an interesting part of my job.”

“With my two jobs, every day is different. Some days I start at 6am, managing the early rush hour, on other days my work starts late in the evening. There are challenging situations to manage, but I’m confident in my ability and my professionalism that I manage them well.

“Sometimes I have to tell people bad news, their train is delayed or perhaps I need to fine them.  That’s difficult, but I always try to settle things in a positive and pleasant way. That works for me and passengers appreciate it.”

James Higlett

Programme: Engineering Management, Arriva UK Bus

Arriva Journey: After completing his graduate programme in 2006, James worked as Interim Engineering Manager in Arriva Southern Counties before being seconded to support the improvement of engineering standards in the Czech Republic. Since returning, he has been UK Bus Eco Project Manager and Arriva London’s Engineering Excellence Project Manager.

James is now one of our senior managers working as Head of Technical Strategy and Innovation in the Group Engineering Team. He has responsibility for leading the groups strategic direction in engineering and identifying and proving new valued added technologies to keep our business at the forefront of innovation and competitiveness. James works with Arriva engineers across the business and suppliers all over the world, which means every day is very different. He could be in the office writing reports one day, flying abroad for meetings the next, or under a bus investigating a technical challenge.

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