Frequently asked questions

Do I need to know the language of the country that I want to apply for?

If you wish to apply for the Arriva Graduate Programme in a particular country, you should be able to speak and write the local language fluently. Apart from that, we ask for fluency in English, as you will need it for international events, training modules, networking and in case of any international placements.

What information should I include in my motivation letter?

Your motivation letter should include a small introduction of yourself, the reasons why you want to join Arriva and the Graduate Programme and why you are a suitable candidate for the programme.

What are the most common errors candidates make in the application process?

The most common errors tend to be poor grammar, incomplete information and not sticking to the deadlines. Try to avoid making these errors by submitting your application will in advance and double-checking everything before sending.

How do I make a good impression?

  • Be professional, but don’t try to impress by being different than you normally are. Show your enthusiasm and your personality. We want to get to know you!
  • Have examples ready. With some answers, it is good to give an example of a situation that you have experienced before. You could explain it by keeping the STAR method in mind: describe the Situation, the Task you had to perform, the Actions that you’ve carried out and the Result that came out of it.
  • Be well-informed about Arriva. Make sure you have read about the business activities in the country that you are applying to and know what the Graduate Programme is about.

What should I focus on when an interviewer asks about my weaknesses?

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Quite often your greatest strength also shows an opposite or hidden weakness, e.g. paying attention to detail can sometimes mean it takes you longer to do things; conversely, having a propensity to do things quickly might mean that you miss attention to detail. The important thing is that you have self-awareness, understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you think about this before the interview!

Will I receive feedback on my application if I have not been selected for the next stage?

The level of feedback will depend on what stage of the selection process you have reached. Usually, when applications are not selected to go forward at stages 1, 2 or 3 it is because one of the minimum criteria has not been met. Due to the amount of applications we receive, we are not able to give everyone feedback. If you have reached stages 4 or 5 you will receive the contact details of the person in charge of the selection process to request feedback.

How would my academic background affect my chances in the application process?

It is preferable that your academic background fits the stream that you are applying for: Operational, Engineering or Functional area. However, it is not necessary that there is a perfect fit. We accept a variety of degrees. You should have successfully completed a Bachelor degree (2:1 in UK), a Master degree or have at least 2 years of very relevant working experience. Your personality and ambition are the most important selection criteria!

Does Arriva provide sponsorship for international candidates interested in the Graduate Programme?

Arriva values diversity and welcomes applications from all candidates, however EU legislation dictates that candidates from outside of the EU must produce documentation to support their right to work in the country that they apply to. It is the responsibility of international candidates to ensure that they have the relevant documentation prior to submitting their application.

How do I apply for an internship at Arriva?

If you are still studying we recommend you to do an internship at Arriva. If you wish to apply for a job or join the Arriva Graduate Programme after completing your studies, you will then have the advantage of knowing the company and perhaps even having a recommendation from an Arriva manager.

We have a flexible approach to internships. To apply, please send an email to including your CV, cover letter and a copy of your school/university registration. Please indicate your location preferences and what period of time you would be available. We will then check for suitable opportunities.

Click here to visit our Internship page.

Carlos Agullo
Arriva Graduate from Spain

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