Supportive employer

Our employees are the driving force behind our business and we always aim to provide them with a trusting, appreciative and collaborative working environment. When you work at Arriva, you benefit from our positive culture, every day.

Our culture
At Arriva, our people reflect the customers and communities we serve and we are always attracting new people to work with us.

Our culture is supported by the professionalism of our employees as well as a framework of leadership behaviour that focuses on the combined needs of our customers, business and employees. We also offer our people the freedom to be creative and innovate so they can play their part in keeping us at the forefront of the industry. Our employees continually demonstrate that they are prepared to go the extra mile to improve our services for passengers and key stakeholders.

Listening to our people
We encourage two-way employee engagement. That is why we use our intranets, newsletters, briefings, open forums, suggestion schemes and roadshows to hear what our people have to say. In Denmark, where we have remote depots, we have even converted a mobile home into an office so managers can get out and meet people.

We carry out a group-wide bi-annual employee survey to benchmark employee satisfaction and each time, more people tell us that they are proud to work for Arriva.

See why we welcome difference

We recognise that we are a major employer in many communities and offer competitive pay and benefits. We understand the importance of good, regular communication and use forums to share best practice, improve joint working and update employees on company performance.

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