Nurturing talent

Arriva is as good as the people who work here. We are proud of our committed team and together we are always focused on the future. If you have the right skills, passion and commitment, you are welcome. So why not join us?

We already employ around 60,000 people in 14 countries and it is not all about buses and trains. We also provide commuter coach, water bus and airport transport services with bus and coach distribution and non-emergency patient transport.

The people who work for us
We encourage flexibility and a willingness to learn. We also embrace the curious – and those who would challenge the status quo. The right attitude and fit with our people and customers is what is important - we provide training for the rest. We recruit from all sectors and industries to harness the widest possible range of skills, knowledge and talent to create a harmonious balance.

How we support our staff
Our development programmes include both work-based and off-site training to ensure that the skills our people acquire can be put into practice straightaway. Each programme is designed to help employees continue on their career journey, covering every aspect of the organisation – from training the next drivers through to creating a new generation of business leaders.

How we recognise our staff
At Arriva, we celebrate our success through local reward and recognition programmes. As part of Deutsche Bahn, we also participate in the annual DB Awards which recognise the work of 300,000 employees across 130 countries.

Find the right job for you

What you get if you work with us:

  • Worthwhile long-term employment;
  • Training and development opportunities;
  • A safe, supportive and motivating work environment; and
  • The opportunity to provide a valuable service to your community.

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