Responsible business


Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to be recognised as the safest European provider of mobility solutions, and with the highest level of driving standards. We do this by demonstrating positive safety leadership, engaging our employees to improve safety performance and sharing and implementing good practice.

Safe throughout the business
Throughout the business we expect only the highest safety standards. To maintain and improve our safety performance we expect all of our business leaders to demonstrate personal commitment to the safety of our operations by taking part in leadership safety tours and reviewing safety performance in their businesses.

We also:

  • Require all of our businesses to have robust safety management systems that not only comply with local legislation, but also meet our demanding internal safety and engineering standards.
  • Ensure our employees undertake safety and professional training that develops their skills and promotes the highest levels of safety.
  • Monitor safety throughout the business, from vehicle inspections and workshop safety checks, through to the Executive and health and safety committees.
  • Audit and review our approach to safety at all levels to drive continuous improvement.
  • Share best practice in our safety networks across Europe and in both the bus and rail sectors.

Safety In action
We are committed to maintaining high standards of road safety through using the latest technology and developing our drivers. We carry out regular vehicle safety standard checks across our entire fleet and are accredited for our high standards. Most Arriva businesses have achieved compliance with OHSAS 18001 or have four/five star EFQM ratings.

We work at the cutting edge of safety research, such as our work with Cranfield University to develop the Bus Driver Risk Index (BDRI), helping to implement safer driving techniques. We also work with public bodies and technology providers to develop innovative geo-tracking systems for helping manage security and safety of passengers. 

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