Responsible business

Our people and culture

Our 60,000 employees span 14 countries, making Arriva a major employer in many areas in which we operate. We work hard to grow partnerships with our employees, trades unions and Works Councils to create supportive and respectful working environments.

Open conversations
Talking is a two way thing. We regularly give our people the chance to tell us what they think with our employee satisfaction survey and we make sure we act on the results. It is this transparency that helps us to build on and retain the skills and people that we need to help Arriva grow.

Training and development
We invest heavily in training and provide a wide range of learning resources to ensure our employees fulfil their true potential, including:

  • Technical skills
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Customer service
  • People management

Working conditions
The majority of our workforce is covered by collective agreements on working conditions and we make sure employee representatives are trained to fulfil official union business. Arriva's European Works Council provides a formal group-wide update on operations and business performance for employee representatives.

Employee welfare
Arriva is committed to maintaining high levels of employee welfare. Many Arriva businesses have employee assistance programmes, such as the Arriva health bus, and fitness facilities provided.

At Arriva, diversity includes different ideas, skills, outlooks, views and attitudes. We aim to be an employer of choice and achieve a workforce that is as diverse as the communities that we serve. We believe our commitment to diversity helps us to secure the best employees – and this helps us deliver the best service to our customers.

Meet our people

Arriva's diverse workforce reflects the wide range of communities we serve.

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