Responsible business

Linking communities

Our services are part of the essential infrastructure that links people and communities. Whether for work, leisure or other essential journeys, millions of passengers depend on us to be reliable every day.

Customer satisfaction
Our business is our customers. By speaking with them and incorporating their needs into our services we are meeting rising expectations for safe, reliable and good value transport services. Alongside customer satisfaction surveys, the feedback we receive as part of our community engagement is invaluable in adapting and improving our services.

Community ties
We listen to the communities we serve, giving them a voice in shaping our services to suit local needs. We use exhibitions, road shows and open days to meet our customers and neighbours and strengthen community ties.

Our work with schools helps to spread awareness of road safety and the environmental benefits of public transport among pupils in local communities across Europe. The mobility and space provided by our former service buses also provide essential community facilities in many of the regions in which we operate.

Empowering our employees
Our employees take pride in being part of the local communities where we provide services, living in the areas where we work. Typical of our approach is the community action awards we run in the UK. Staff receive cash prizes from Arriva for use by the local causes they support.

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