Responsible business


We know that well-run public transport has much to offer in improving the ecological effect of our daily commute and leisure journeys at Arriva. We intend to go further and be an eco-pioneer, the Arriva way, providing more than just an attractive and viable alternative to private vehicle use.

Viable alternatives
We are committed to joining up services and ticketing, and improving quality to increase the numbers of people who use our services. In addition to trains and buses, we will actively look to provide other alternatives to private motor vehicle use, such as shared car services and bike sharing.

Greener option
We aim for the sensible use of natural resources as part of our day-to-day business, demonstrating excellent resource efficiency. We are committed to buying more sustainable fuel and energy, and procuring other sustainable goods and services wherever this is practical.

Technical innovators
We continue to work with a range of partners in trialling new and experimental technology that helps to protect the environment. We are committed to using more vehicles that emit zero or low levels of greenhouse gases.

Environmental targets
We have introduced ambitious environmental targets across Arriva and by 2020 we aim to have achieved significant reductions in:

  • Annual GHG emissions.
  • Annual building energy.
  • Annual water consumption.

We’re also committed to using more renewable electricity and reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

In action:

  • In the Netherlands we operate one of the world’s first GHG free bus routes with electric buses powered by renewable energy.
  • In the UK we operate 24 gas powered buses in Darlington and Runcorn that use 100 per cent bio-gas produced from anaerobic digesters, which extract the naturally occurring gases from waste products.
  • 9,300 of our buses are fitted with fuel saving technology, and we are working towards getting the others 10,200 fitted.
  • Arriva is the proud owner of Zeta Automotive, developers of the innovative EconoSpeed system.
  • At the cutting edge of new technology, Arriva is operating experimental electric buses that utilise contactless charging.
  • We operate about 500 diesel electric hybrid buses.

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