Arriva owns Eurobus, giving it a 60 per cent interest in three former Slovak Bus Service operators or SADs. These are Arriva Nové Zámky and Arriva Nitra in the south west and Arriva Michalovce in the east.

Bus – key facts

  • Entered bus market in 2008
  • 1,335 buses

The Slovakian bus market is at the midway stage of the liberalisation process and competitive tendering already underway.

To date, just 5 per cent of the market has been competitively tendered but further opportunities are expected in 2015.

The country’s regions are responsible for public transport provision and funding. Contracts are typically cost-plus or gross cost and between one and 10 years in length.

The market is dominated by the 17 SADs, all of which are partially privatised with the public stake usually around 40 per cent.

Arriva has a 60 per cent interest in three of these operators, making it the largest private bus service provider in Slovakia.

Key successes in Slovakia

  • Introduction of the Arriva Express brand to the Slovakian market, covering long-distance domestic and international bus routes.
  • High retention rate for urban services with contract extensions of up to 10 years awarded to Arriva businesses across the country.

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