Arriva’s interests in the Portuguese bus market cover some 30 per cent of the entire market. With a 31.5 per cent stake in Portugal’s largest public transport operator, Barraquiero, Arriva also holds an interest in the country’s only private rail operator, Fertagus.

Bus – key facts

  • Entered bus market in 2000
  • 3,455 buses

The Portuguese bus market is only mid-liberalisation and there is limited competitive tendering. The inter-urban bus sector operates as a commercial market under licence and concessions are typically long-term, ranging from 10 to 30 years.

In Lisbon and Porto, bus services are still state-owned, while in other major cities they are municipally-owned. Having entered the market in 2000, Arriva has invested successfully in bus operators and grown to become one of the country’s top three operators.

Rail – key facts

  • Entered rail market in 2006
  • 18 trains
  • 126 trams

With Portugal’s rail market still at an early stage in the liberalisation process, urban and regional rail services are still almost entirely operated by state-owned Comboios de Portugal.

Arriva entered the market by purchasing a 21.5 per cent stake in Barraqueiro in 2006, rising to 31.5 per cent in 2008. Its subsidiary Fertagus is the only private company to have been awarded a rail concession to date. Through Barraqueiro Arriva also holds an interest in Metro Sul do Tejo trams to the south of Lisbon and Metro do Porto, the city of Porto’s tram network.

Key successes in Portugal

  • Arriva is recognised as a bus market leader in Portugal.
  • 82 per cent of passengers said the service provided by Arriva’s Transportes Sul de Tejo (TST) tram operations maintained or exceeded expectations.
  • TST launched an innovative Greenbox eco-driving initiative on 250 buses in 2013 to help save fuel, energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Fertagus is the only private rail operator in Portugal and holds a punctuality record of 99 per cent.

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