Arriva is a major operator within Italy’s emerging bus market. With the rail market yet to liberalise, Arriva continues to monitor developments while growing its urban and inter-urban bus operations across the country.

Bus – key facts

  • Entered bus market in 2002
  • 2,350 buses
  • 4 waterbuses
  • 6 trams

The opening of the Italian bus market has been slow and competitive tendering is not yet commonplace. Bus services are heavily subsidised and provincial or municipal local authorities are responsible for setting fares. Funding for the transport network as a whole is provided by the national government but in some regions public-private partnerships have been successfully established.

Where contracts are in place they are typically net cost and there are a large number of operators, mostly owned by the regions and municipalities.

Despite this Arriva has grown by winning contracts and through strategic acquisitions to become the largest international bus operator in Italy.

With approximately 5 per cent of the market, Arriva runs urban and inter-urban services in the north of the country as well as connection services to Turin, Milan and Bergamo airports. We also operate services for students with disabilities in Rome and run daily and seasonal waterbus services in Trieste.

Key successes in Italy

  • Arriva has a 100 per cent contract retention rate, reflecting a track record of excellence in operational performance and passenger satisfaction.
  • In partnership with local authorities, Arriva introduced new technologies to improve operating efficiency, such as GPS monitoring to improve punctuality.
  • Pilot project in collaboration with the Politecnico University of Milan focused on reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while promoting road safety among drivers.

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