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  • Arriva provides a range of commercial and contracted bus services across the UK, including flexible demand response services tailored to meet specific needs
  • We are one of London's largest bus operators
  • We employ 17,900 people and operate 5,900 buses

Arriva is one of the UK's largest bus operators, providing services in the north east, north west and south east of England, Yorkshire, the midlands and Wales.

We are constantly evolving to ensure we are able to respond quickly to changing markets and customer needs. Our reputation for operational efficiency has helped us win new contracts and secure contract renewals.

We have strong regional management teams that are well placed to serve customers locally, and to work with private and public sector partners to deliver a variety of effective transport solutions.

We actively support the growth of talent in our business to take personal and business performance from good to great. We help our people to flourish as individuals as well as team members.

Passengers are increasingly seeing modern, low floor, environmentally friendlier buses on the roads in all our operating areas. More than 90 per cent of our UK bus fleet vehicles is accessible low floor, up from 82 per cent in 2009.

In 2011 more than 400 new buses joined our fleet and in 2012 we announced our plans to introduce more than £26.7 million of new low carbon emission buses to our UK fleet.

The buses, comprising 77 hybrid electric double deck vehicles and 21 carbon-neutral biogas-fuelled single decks, entered service during 2013. They offer greater comfort and greener bus travel for passengers in the North East, North West, Yorkshire and Kent.

In 2013 we invested more than £75 million in new vehicles for Arriva's UK bus fleet.


Regional bus

- 11,650 employees
- 4,300 buses

Arriva is the third largest bus provider in the regional bus market. We primarily operate commercial routes, however we also provide some contracted services for local authorities, airport-related and express commuter transport, and services for health authorities.

Our local bus services operate in major urban areas like Liverpool, Leeds, Leicester and Newcastle.

We also have a strong presence in the Midlands and Home Counties, with a mix of inter-urban trunk routes and market town networks, and provide important links in rural areas like north Wales.

Our flexible approach and the experience we share with our colleagues across Europe means we are well equipped to grow our scheduled service work and introduce new types of services.

We are a natural partner of choice for local authorities, passenger transport executives and new customers as we share their aims to provide high quality, reliable transport services for their local communities.


  • Arriva is participating in a ground-breaking five-year industry trial. In 2014 we started operating the UK's first wirelessly charged electric buses. Eight buses operate as part of Arriva the Shires' route 7 in Milton Keynes.
  • In 2013 Arriva introduced Sapphire - a premium bus service - on four key routes. The business plans to introduce further routes in the future.
  • Arriva successfuly introduced 21 new buses in the UK powered by carbon neutral gas.
  • Our bus drivers achieve consistently high ratings from our customers, maintaining a 90 per cent plus satisfaction score since 2007. Customer satisfaction ratings have also improved in other key areas including cleanliness and condition of our buses, and the ease of buying a ticket.
  • Arriva was the first bus operator globally to introduce mobile phone ticketing across a national network.
  • In a scheme pioneered by Arriva, customers have made more than 10 million journeys on our buses by buying tickets at local PayPoint outlets. Arriva bus tickets are now also available from Payzone and epay outlets.
  • We developed pioneering fuel-saving system EcoManager which is now in place across our UK bus operations.
  • We conduct research to find out what local authorities really think of us, and we use that information to help restructure our local businesses to align more closely with local authority teams.
  • More than 14 million journeys have been made by customers buying their bus tickets through Arriva's m-ticketing mobile ticketing service since its launch.
  • To improve the safety and security of our employees and customers, more than 88 per cent of our UK buses now carry CCTV.

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London bus

- 5,200 employees
- 1,600 buses

In London we are the joint market leader, running more than 19 per cent of the capital’s bus services under contract to Transport for London.

Covering around 68 million miles, we provide 400 million passenger journeys in the capital every year.


  • Arriva was the partner of choice for TfL to introduce the first 'New Bus for London'. The bus, which was the first prototype bus developed specifically for London in more than 50 years, incorporates cutting edge-hybrid technology and is seen as a modern day replacement for the iconic red Routemaster. Following Arriva's successful introduction of seven buses into service, Transport for London has ordered 600 more buses which will be operated by London bus operators - including Arriva - by 2016.
  • Delivering high quality services has established us as one of the best performing operators in the capital. Arriva is consistently among the top five London bus operators for service reliability.
  • Arriva’s high standards of operational performance and commitment to quality have been recognised at the UK Bus Awards. The company’s Beddington Farm, Brixton and Wood Green garages have each been awarded London Bus Garage of the Year in recent years, following independent nominations by TfL.
  • Arriva London route controllers were also recognised for their drive to ensure that Arriva delivers an efficient and reliable service, picking up the London Transport Quality Award 2010.
  • Arriva has consistently retained the vast majority of its TfL contracts and has been successful in winning new contracts.
  • With TfL we launched the world’s first Hybrid double deck bus. We have extended the fleet and now have more than 140 hybrid buses in service. We continue to provide valuable feedback to help manufacturers develop the technology and in 2012 we won the 'Green Award' in the Route One Excellence Awards for our effective work with Volvo to establish the largest fleet of hybrid buses in London.
  • The Original Tour, Arriva’s sightseeing business, has invested more than £5 million in low floor wheelchair accessible tour buses, and took delivery of a further 16 new buses in 2011.

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  • 474 non-emergency ambulance vehicles
  • 24,800 employees

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