• The Italian passenger transport market is the third largest in Europe
  • Arriva entered the Italian transport market in 2002

The Italian passenger transport market is the third largest in Europe, with a large number of local operators largely owned by regions and municipalities.

With approximately five per cent of the bus market, Arriva operates urban and inter-urban services in the north of the country. We also provide airport connection services to Turin and Milan. We also run daily and seasonal waterbuses in Trieste.

Our growth in Italy

Operation of the service in the Province of Cremona awarded for the second time to KM (in association with other local operators) until 2021.

Arriva Italia Rail formed.

Contracts in Friuli Venezia Giulia, operating in Udine and Trieste, extended until 2015.

Arriva increases its shareholding in Brescia-based SAIA Transporti to 100 per cent. The initial shareholding was acquired as part of the purchase of the SAB Group of companies in 2002.

Arriva purchases the remaining 20 per cent of SADEM S.p.A and subsidiary Sapav S.p.A bus companies in the Piemonte region, taking ownership to 100 per cent.

Arriva enters a joint venture with Ferrovie Nord Milano Group (FNM SpA) and completes the acquisition of 49 per cent of Italian bus operator SPT Linea.

Arriva increases its stake in Trieste Trasporti to 40 per cent.

Arriva acquires a 35 per cent stake in Trieste Trasporti.

Arriva acquires 80 per cent of Italian bus operator SADEM, which operates in Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta, with an option (subsequently taken up) to acquire the remaining 20 per cent in 2008.

Arriva increases its stake in Societa Autoservizi, F.V.G S.p.a from 49 per cent (acquired in 2004) to 60 per cent.

Arriva grows its position in the Italian public transport market with the acquisition of 49 per cent Societa Autoservizi, F.V.G S.p.a (increased to 60 per cent in 2005).

Arriva becomes the largest private sector bus operator in Italy with its acquisition of SAB Autoservizi, operating services to the east of Milan principally in the Lombardy region of northern Italy.

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Arriva Italy: the statistics*

  • 2,360 buses
  • 6 trams
  • 4 waterbuses
  • 3,340 employees

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