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Delivering market leading customer satisfaction on our buses and trains

09 Aug 2014

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. From maintaining the highest possible safety standards and improving service reliability through to making transport simpler, we are proud of our record of customer satisfaction.

In Denmark we continue to have excellent satisfaction levels on our buses in Copenhagen, with the latest client body customer satisfaction data showing Arriva topping the ratings with 85 per cent of passengers satisfied with our services.

In rail, our latest customer satisfaction rating was an average of 77 per cent and 97 per cent of our trains ran on time, with the Danish National Audit Office confirming that the Danish government has saved DKK 303 million (€40 million) over the course of Denmark’s first private rail contract, which Arriva has operated since 2003.

Arriva has since won a UITP Transport Achievement Award for ’putting people first’ and improving the overall transport experience for clients, employees and customers in Copenhagen.

Rolling out eco technology reduces fuel consumption by 4 per cent

08 Aug 2014

Arriva operates 19,500 buses across 14 European countries, providing essential daily services for millions of people. As Europe’s largest transport provider, we take a leading stance on reducing our environmental impact, incorporating new technology as soon as it is developed to help reduce emissions, regulate fuel consumption and explore alternative vehicle designs.

Driver training and the adoption of eco-driving techniques is central to our commitment to reducing fuel consumption. As businesses seek to operate in increasingly cost effective, sustainable and eco friendlier ways, products that support these needs will become an essential part of fleet management.

To ensure best performance, we acquired a majority stake in leading technology company Zeta Automotive Limited. Zeta Automotive designs, develops and supplies a range of leading edge products that enables fleet operators to reduce fuel consumption and emissions output.

Zeta Automotive's leading product, EconoSpeed, is a dynamic throttle controller that automatically adjusts the rate of acceleration, replicating the driving style of a careful, economically-aware driver.

Having demonstrated fuel savings of 4 per cent, more than 9,300 of our buses will carry EconoSpeed technology by the end of 2015. In addition to fuel savings, reduced vehicle wear and lower emissions, our innovative approach leads to improved driver experience and more comfortable and safer journeys for our customers.

Pressing ahead with plans to deliver new rail services

07 Aug 2014

We have planned £7.8m worth of investments to improve the reliability, capacity and comfort of Grand Central Rail services over the next 12 years. Following the extension of our operating licence, which gives us permission to run trains between London, the North East and Yorkshire until 2026, we will invest significantly in the comfort and reliability of our fleet of trains as well as passenger facilities at stations.

Richard McClean, Managing Director of Grand Central Rail, said: “We’ve listened to our passengers and the investments we’re making will improve the reliability of services as well as the comfort and reliability of our on-board facilities. We’re starting our investments early to get a head start on improvements for passengers, with a refurbishment to our current fleet due to begin in early 2015.

“Our entire fleet will be brought up to a new high standard, with leather seats in First Class and improvements across the Standard class carriages, toilets and vestibules. We’ll also switch to using LED lighting on board which, as well as being better for the environment, will improve the reliability of power sockets for charging mobile phones and laptops.  Our on-board Wi-Fi will also remain free for all passengers in both Standard and First Class and we’re already making improvements to the usability and speed of the Wi-Fi connection.”

Supporting our transport clients to deliver a range of local, tailored and customer centric solutions

06 Aug 2014

Arriva Transport Solutions is a specialist transport business within the Arriva Group which helps public sector organisations provide excellent transport services more effectively and deliver better value for money. With decades of unrivalled transport and logistical experience and more than 30 years’ clinical expertise through our established Ambuline operations, we share the same priorities as our clients: efficiency, reliability, value for money and customer service.

We recognise that people have differing needs and care requirements and our people are trained to offer support so travelling is as comfortable as possible. With up to 5,000 non-emergency-patient journeys each day, we have invested £13 million in new ambulances and cars, control centres and technology to improve the quality and performance of our services, delivering a range of local, tailored and customer centric solutions.

Working with partners to embrace technology within integrated transport

06 Aug 2014

As well as being one of the largest bus and train operators in the Netherlands, Arriva is also the best performing with an average punctuality rating of 97 per cent.

Integrated transport is a key feature of transport in the Netherlands. As part of a pledge to improve the customer experience for bus passengers in the Netherlands, more than 400 new and refurbished Arriva buses in South Holland North, and Qliners in north and south west Friesland operate on inter-urban and rural bus services with high speed on board Wi-Fi, adding a whole new dimension to every passenger’s journey.

Arriva has also worked in partnership with the national government to introduce the OV-Chipkaart, a national contactless smartcard for integrated public transport use. It is also trialling Touch&Travel – an app which allows passengers to check on and off public transport, regardless of the provider, route or mode, using their smartphone. The app also calculates transport use and allows passengers to pay at the end of each month by direct debit.

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